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If you are seeking a professional coaching program for your employees, organization, or group please do not hesitate to contact 866-935-7091 to schedule. 
How long is the program?
This is a five day program for two hours each day or you can arrange a joyful full one-day event. The organizer can customize the schedule according to the group's availability.
Is there a minimum requirement to schedule?
Yes, the minimum participants to schedule the program is 15 and the maximum is 30. 

Is Shabazz Management Group available for a larger session?
Absolutely, you can discuss arrangements when you contact a representative at 866-935-7091.

What is the fee for the professional coaching program?
​The fee for the program is $2997 for the group, not individual persons. 
Who is this program designed for?
Educators, Athletes, Entertainers, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, and work related training

What are the objectives?

  • ​Successfully create and follow a budget.
  • Learn how to grow money through diversification & asset allocation
  • Learn how to & the importance of building and maintaining credit.
  • Keep debt under control & establish financial boundaries
  • ​Build a saving through short term and long term goals
It is expected that once you reach your career goals or ideal income level the financial behavior will miraculous appear. The truth is if you are never taught financial literacy you are doomed to repeat the same malicious habits. We have witnessed time and time again the countless athletes land an enormous contract and lucrative endorsement only to go broke within a decade. Why does this happen? Too often, athletes, entertainers, and professionals focus so much on their career that they neglect financial literacy. Again, if you are never taught, you won't know what to do. 

Athletes are not the only victims of mismanaging money. Many people who are middle class and above are actually living in a poor state of mind.

This is why Shabazz Management Group created a professional coaching program customized to your work schedule to focus solely on financial literacy. We understand that you can't take off work for an entire week without losing pertinent days. Let's face it, the system is designed for the middle class to fail. You are the hub of the economy and heart of consumer spending, this is why it's important for you to learn how to manage your money and household. 

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